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Hello, my name is Brooke Michelle, creator of BODY x BROOKE and BxB SWEAT @ HOME. I am a virtual fitness class instructor, certified personal trainer, group class instructor and nutrition coach living in Staten Island, New York.

I am a blogger who loves to curate easy and healthy recipes, especially for those who suffer from food allergies, intolerance’s and gastric issues. I love making dairy free, gluten free and soy free goodies and many of my creations are Paleo and Whole30 Compliant.

I was a frequent member of group fitness classes (spinning was my first love) and realized I was passionate about teaching and leading these classes. After years of training and education, I became a certified Spinning indoor cycling and group class instructor. Not only did this help to empower me enough to leave a toxic marriage, it came with the intangible reward of inspiring and motivating others. Throughout this time, I expanded into personal training which is truly rewarding.

Since the pandemic kept me out of working my full-time job at gyms, I created BxB SWEAT @ HOME which is a virtual group fitness program with 10 new class formats each week. I host live and on demand classes both 30 and 55 min long. My class styles range in intensities from low impact to high intensity and is the perfect split through the week to tone and tighten your body, build lean muscle mass, burn fat, boost confidence and practicing daily movement with good form and great music!

My enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle (after years of not practicing self-love) lead me to become a Nutrition Coach. I believe that finding a balance of the BODY, MIND and SOUL is what lead me to create BODY x BROOKE and I am passionate about motivating others to find the same. With my guidance, I help women find their inner strength which will allow them to achieve any health and fitness goal.

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