BxB Private Training Information

Personal Training

Perfect your form. Target areas specific to your needs and work with me to reach your strength, stamina, endurance and/or aesthetic goals. We will work in a private setting with no distractions. My technique uses minimal equipment which also makes it great to meet up at the park!

No Commitment:
  • 30 min private – $45/session
  • 45 min private – $65/session
Packages: 10 Session Bundle:
  • Pack of 10 x 30 min – $400 (Reg. $450) – $40/session
  • Pack of 10 x 45 min – $550 (Reg. $650) – $55/session

Small Group Training

Get the girls together and workout with me in a small group training session. Packages not available for small groups and the cost can be split amongst your friends.

45 Minute Session
  • $75 per 45-min session (for up to 3 people)
  • 3 people or more: $100/session

At Home Training

Allow me to bring the workout to you! Perfect for women with tight schedules and with the little ones at home. You will need no equipment- I bring everything needed for the workout. All I need is some space for us to move around and you’ll be sweating at home in no time!

Per Session:
  • 45 min session – $75+ (prices vary depending on location)

Contact me to check availability, as time slots are limited.