BxB Private Training Information

Personal Training

Perfect your form. Target areas specific to your needs and work with me to reach your aesthetic goals. We will work in a private setting with no distractions. My technique uses minimal equipment which also makes it great to meet up at the park!

No Commitment:
  • 30 min private – $40/session
  • 45 min private – $60/session
  • Pack of 10 x 30 min – $350 (Reg. $400) – $35/session
  • Pack of 10 x 45 min – $525 (Reg. $600) – $52/session

Partner Training

You and one friend train with me and split the rate.

No Commitment:
  • 45 min session – $30/person
  • Pack of 10 x 45 min – $262.50 ($26/session) per person

At Home Training

Allow me to bring the workout to you! Perfect for women with tight schedules and with the little ones at home. You will need no equipment- I bring everything needed for the workout. All I need is some space for us to move around and you’ll be sweating at home in no time!

Per Session:
  • 45 min session – $75+

Contact me to check availability, as time slots are limited.