Health + Accountability Coaching

A coach is such an important part of your journey towards health and overall wellness. I have designed my programs and packages based on trials and successes from dozens of women throughout the years. As a certified holistic health coach, my approach towards nutrition is one based off real, nutrient-dense foods with little or no restrictions. Depending on your needs and the amount of coaching, guidance and planning that is needed, I’ve broken down my packages below or we can work together and I can customized one for you depending on your needs and timeline.

4 Week Custom Meal Plans: $100/mo.

Are you stuck in a rut of eating poorly or restricting? Are you finding yourself bored with grilled chicken and steamed broccoli as the only way you know how to eat better? Are you tired of cutting carbs and left feeling unsatisfied after a meal? Are fad diets no longer giving you the results you want? If you answered “yes” to any of these, then it’s time you seek the help of a certified health coach to guide you with four weeks of a delicious and satisfying menu delivered to your inbox each week and leave the guesswork out of wondering what to eat, how much and how often.

I will provide you with a fully customized meal plan over the course of 4 weeks providing the following:

  • one-on-one guidance towards a healthy lifestyle with tips and suggestions for better overall and digestive health
  • full review of your eating habits and history
  • 7-day menu with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas daily
  • understanding of how to portion your meals and day of eating
  • sustainable approach, not restricting essential food groups
  • pantry staples shopping list included
  • menu’s provided each week so you can review and shop for ingredients in advance, weekly
  • food prep and meal planning guide
  • delicious and healthy recipes weekly for a beginner or experienced cook

You may checkout online via PayPal, or if you prefer Venmo (@BODYXBROOKE) note: 4 week custom meal plan and contact me to get started. After your order is received, you will receive a PDF questionnaire from me to fill out. I will review your intake form and schedule a brief call to go over your goals, find out your food preferences and schedule so I can tailor a plan that’s right for you.

12-Week Accountability + Coaching Programs

These are tailored to meet your individual needs and provide you with support and guidance over the duration of us working together. 12 weeks is the sweet spot to really focus on making a lifestyle change and sticking to it. You will receive check-in’s from me frequently (varies depending on the program) over the course of 12-weeks to keep you supported on your journey to better overall health and wellness– whatever that looks like to you. Whether you have suffered with unhealthy relationships with food or need proper guidance and support to breakthrough the “starting over” or “getting on track” phases, making the change is not easy, especially if you have struggled in the past. I will provide the tools, resources, knowledge and support system needed to ensure you are on the right path and stay there for good.

  • BxB Standard Health Coaching Package: $375 ($125/mo.)

    • 12-week program
    • one initial consultation by phone or video chat
    • one check-in phone or video chat per month
    • one weekly email providing tools, meal ideas, recipes, tips and suggestions to reach goals
    • much, much more!
  • BxB All-Access Health Coaching Package: $450 ($150/mo.)

    • 12-week program
    • one initial consultation by phone or video chat
    • one check-in phone or video chat per month
    • one weekly email providing tools, meal ideas, recipes, tips and suggestions to reach goals
    • accountability check-ins by email or text throughout the week
    • food journaling review – provide tips, suggestions and improvements on what you consume in a day
    • access to Brooke via text or phone, guaranteed response in under 24 hrs
    • guidance for dining out at restaurants (what to order from menu’s, support, etc.)
    • includes local restaurant guide
    • much, much more!
  • BxB Custom Coaching Package: Price TBD

    • one initial consultation to determine what program or offering would be right for you
    • choose how long you would like to commit (month-to-month, 6 weeks, etc.)
    • decide how often you require accountability check-in’s
    • choose from: text, phone, in-person, email or FaceTime to check in
    • includes much more – decide what you need, and get what you deserve!
All 12-Week Accountability + Coaching Programs Include:
  • one-on-one guidance and coaching towards better health
  • full review of your lifestyle habits and history
  • goal setting and planning guidance
  • address and discuss roadblocks and barriers to get off your plateau
  • motivation to inspire change and help you reach your health goals
  • schedule planning for meal prep, exercise, personal time, etc.
  • infinite healthy recipes for a beginner or experienced cook
  • food prep and meal planning guidance and inspiration
  • full guide to cleaning out and restocking your pantry and fridge
  • grocery store shopping list and guide
  • weight calculation, BMI, body fat %, before & after photos (if desired)
  • much, much more!

Questions? Send me an e-mail!