So if you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you may have seen me posting to my stories over the last several weeks talking about this #444challenge

The number 4 has been standing out to me for a number of months, or years if I look back, and I was always unsure why. Since I’m a believer of all things astrology and spiritual, I naturally gravitated towards this as an angel or spirit from heaven trying to communicate with me. If you think I’m nuts, you’re welcome to judge, but I know what works for me and what I believe to be beneficial to my life and journey of self-growth. Moving on…

The number 4 has been occurring so often so I decided to do a challenge for myself reflecting these numbers. I initially decided to do this for 4 weeks. Then I decided I will do 44 days of moving my body a minimum of 4 miles daily (not including the classes I instruct) and hold a total of 4 minutes of planks (any variation) to strengthen my core. Once I set a goal and put it on paper, this establishes an automatic accountability which I was happy to fulfill.

Day one of this challenge began on Mon, August 25th. I went to my favorite park on a gorgeous day in between classes and clients and first ran a straight 2.5 miles (which I was proud of considering I haven’t ran in about a year). Then I finished up the remaining miles with a brisk walk. I stopped twice to do two sets of 2 minute planks. I left the park feeling the best I’d felt in such a long time. I was so excited to be on my way to a stronger version of myself.

The days continued and I made sure I got my miles and planks in everyday. If the weather was bad, I dragged myself to the gym and used the treadmill. If it was early, I’d walk before work. In between clients. I’d walk to places I’d normally drive to within a reasonable distance. If I felt exhausted from work, I made sure to be reasonable with myself and not push myself to run if all I could do was walk. If it was late and I had eaten a big dinner, I’d walk it off with a cup of tea and my chill house playlist.

I tracked my average pace while logging the miles daily and noticed my time improving day by day. Before I would go into my planks, I would set a goal— such as staying in a low plank for an entire 4 mins. Amazingly, I witnessed day by day the time it took me to feel my muscles getting exhausted was improving. I traveled this week and wasn’t feeling wonderful, so I had to make 4 mins up today. I held a total of 8 minutes which is my personal best. I have to say I am so happy.

Since this challenge isn’t over for me yet, I’m not fully revealing how this has helped my mind, body and spirit just yet. I’d like to wait till this is complete for my full review, so stay tuned. I’m more than halfway there!